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1) Can I buy directly from Mt. Moriah Stone?


Can I buy directly from Mt. Moriah Stone?

We are a wholesale company and only sell to our approved retail customers.   If you are a retail business that we currently do not sell to and are interested in buying and selling our stone, please give us a call and we will start our verification process.  Contractors, masons, architects, homeowners, or any other individual please feel free to contact us for more information about the stone, and we will also help you locate retail stores in your area that carry and supply our stone.  (775) 299-9369

2) How is the stone sold?


How is the stone sold?

Most of our products are sold by the ton. They are palletized into categories with a (+/-) 2 ton average weight. It usually takes 12 pallets of stone to fill one 24-ton truckload (48000 lbs).


Veneer flats are offered in 100 or 200 square-feet-per-pallet packages. Veneer corners are packaged with 100 lineal feet per pallet.


All stone is sold FOB the quarry yard 20 miles North of Garrison, UT. (Shipping costs and responsibilities belong to the customer.)

3) How long is the quarrying season?


How long is the quarry operating season?

Quarry operations on Mt. Moriah run from the beginning of March through the end of November. Actual start-up and shut-down dates vary with the weather and our inventory needs. We are able to ship most products throughout the year from our inventory. Certain Natural Creek products can be quarried year-round, depending on the weather.

4) What is the best sealer?


What is the best sealer for Mt. Moriah Stone quartzite?

A sealer may be used to protect against stains and bring out natural colors and patterns. Two sealers which we feel have excellent results are:


  • White Mountain Water Based Sealers

  • PROSOCO Paver Enhancer

5) Stone Color


What is the stone color range?

Earth tones of varied gray, blue-gray, brown, and cream are highlighted with silver, white, gold, peach, orange, rust, red, mauve, and deep charcoal, flecked with pinpoints of glistening mica schist.


The stone is palletized as it is quarried, producing distinctive, multi-blend coloration.

6) How do I clean quartzite?


How do I clean and maintain quartzite?

After installation, a mild acid solution may be used to remove mortar and clean the surface (see Muriatic Acid and Cleaning Masonry Surfaces). Next, a sealer may be used to protect against oil stains and bring out natural colors and patterns.


Damp mopping your quartzite stone floor will keep it looking beautiful. Use a damp mop and an all-purpose detergent. Be sure to rinse the surface thoroughly and dry with a soft, clean cloth.


Stone floors should be dust-mopped frequently using a clean, non-treated dry dust mop or broom.

7) Do you have a bridge saw?


Do you have a bridge saw and what are your sawing capabilities?

Yes, we do have a sawing facility with a veneer saw, a bridge saw, and masonry chop saws. We are able to make a wide variety of sawn material, including but not limited to: Tile, Planking, Cladding, Thin Veneers, Thin Veneer Corners, Hearthstones, Mantles, Benches, Custom Cut Landscape Stones, etc. We have an 8″ deep cutting capability with our bridge saw using 24″ saw blades. On certain stones, we can even cut up to 16″ deep by turning the stone over and cutting in from both sides.

8) How is the shipment handled?


How is stone shipment handled?

Our stone is shipped via commercial trucks with flatbed trailers. Trucks must be able to carry 48000 lbs of cargo. Loads are only changed or modified at the request of our customers. For your convenience, we will be happy to assist with locating trucks to transport the stone to your area.

9) What is the square foot coverage?


What is the square foot coverage per pallet?

Coverage varies greatly between categories. Please select a product from the drop-down navigation menu at the top to see individual coverage averages.

10) What about custom orders?


What about custom orders?

We welcome custom orders and are happy to work with you to fill the requirements of your job specifications. We can search our current inventory or forward your custom order to the quarry to be processed. Please be aware that this may take some time.

11) Can you help me find a specific stone?


Can you help me find a specific stone?

We will do anything we can to locate your custom stone. If we cannot find the right stone in our inventory, we will request a custom order from the quarry. We will look through the raw stone as it is quarried to find the best match for your application.

12) Can I visit the quarry?


Can I visit the quarry?

Yes! We love visitors, especially as we are located in a rural area. Please call the Quarry Yard at (775) 299-9369 to make arrangements. Be prepared for a long drive through the desert of Utah and Nevada.

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