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Ordering & Shipping


Ordering from Mt. Moriah Stone:

Current Customers: To order stone simply give us a call, send over a fax, or drop us an email detailing your needs.  Once we have reviewed the order, we will contact you to verify details and discuss shipping options.


Potential Customers: In order to ensure a long-standing future with our customers, we ask potential customers to follow these procedures:



  • Give us a call!  We love to get to know our customers, and you will get a chance to feel us out as well.  After we have talked about your specific business situation, we will then start our verification process.  We use Google, Google Maps, and your website to verify that you do stock and sell stone to the retail market.  We will then send you our credit application and price list.


  • Fill out our credit application.  We use this information to check your credit history and confirm that we can extend our normal credit to you.  We also use the information to set your company up in our system.


  • Send in your order details via phone, fax, or email.  Once we have reviewed the order, we will contact you for verification.


  • Finalize your shipping details.  You can arrange your own shipping or we can arrange to ship for you. We work directly with several local trucking companies and are confident we can help you find a satisfactory delivery rate.


We strive to make ordering our stone simple.  Due to the limited availability of some products, we may require a lead time to prepare the order for shipment.  Please call us for details about your particular order.


Custom Orders

Custom orders are welcome. We do our best to fulfill every order to your job specifications and personal satisfaction. We can search our current inventory or forward your custom order to the quarry to be processed. This may require extra time for order fulfillment.


Shipping from Mt. Moriah Stone:

Once an order is placed, we set the requested product out into approximately 48,000 lb. loads.  These loads wait until the arranged trucking service arrives for pickup.  Once the load is placed on the truck and leaves our yard, it is the responsibility of the trucking service to assure prompt, problem-free delivery.


Information for Trucking Services: Please call us before you set out in our direction.  Cell phone service is limited in our location and you may need assistance finding our yard.  Call us before you head out of town for specific directions and to confirm the proper load will be ready for pickup. We plan to load a full 48,000 lbs. of product on each truck we ship out.  If you are not sure if you can haul 48,000 lbs, please call us at (775) 299-9369.  


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