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Mt. Moriah Stone Quartzite


Quality Quartzite is Low Maintenance

Our stone is among the highest-grade quartzite available. We recommend our quality quartzite for personal, commercial, and industrial stone applications due to its unique properties:


  • Non-porous

  • 99.8% water resistant

  • Resistant to staining or color fading

  • Impervious to frost or freezing damage


When installed correctly it will outlast its competitors, and likely its owners. Often a sealer is applied to bring out more of the natural colors and patterns in the stone.


Steady Supply, Readily Available

From March through November, we are actively quarrying stone to fill current orders and stock our yard. New stone in all our categories is constantly supplied and stocked, making it possible to fill orders of all kinds and sizes. Most orders can be filled immediately from current inventory. Once your order is prepared, shipping must be arranged. For your convenience, we can assist with locating trucks that will deliver to your area. For custom orders, please call Royce Iverson at (775) 299-9369.


Quality Control and Customer Satisfaction

Mt. Moriah Stone quartzite is split from selected stones, sorted into categories, and stacked on pallets at the quarry. During this process, our full-time on-site Quality Control Foreman checks each pallet for correct sorting and sizing to ensure uniformity. Further quality control occurs during weighing, inventorying, and shipment preparations. As a result, our stone has gained an excellent reputation and is leading the industry in quality control and packaging. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we quickly resolve any issues that may arise. Please call Royce Iverson at (775) 299-9369 with any concerns.

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